Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chrome Extension

Frustrated by forum trolls?
Do you use AniDB to find good anime to watch or to express your opinion on anime you've watched? Are you fed up with seeing troll posts (and the petty nerdy arguments that stem from them) on AniDB in the comments/forums sections? Moderators there don't seem to have an effective way to moderate them, besides moving posts to a locked "dump thread", nor is there a way to mute users, so this script was born.

Currently, these notorious troublemakers are muted:

  • Gorgils
  • lordish
  • Rapist
  • Hinoe
  • mecharobot
  • grqt

They've earned their place on this script for actively picking personal arguments with others, rather than offering any constructive criticism on anime.

Extension download/installation link (Google store):

Special thanks to:
zeromind of AniDB for original code/ideas
offkorn of AniDB for a significant revision

Posts from troublemakers are seamlessly hidden.